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Imagine, a normal day turning into a nightmare over a vehicle accident you wish you could have avoided. Not knowing what to do, or how to appropriately respond to the situation, you panic, and feel overwhelmed, regardless of neither party sustaining injury. This is how most of us feel, and our vulnerability may get the best of us, when we really have no reason to fear or worry as long as everyone is ok. 


First things first. Call your insurance company and make a statement once you have settled down, so your memory is fresh. Collect a claim number from your insurance company, and tell them the shop you have chosen for your repair, also known as your 'shop of choice'. Bring your vehicle to the shop with a claim number, and have the rental company pick you up to select your choice of rental.


Leave the rest to the insurance company and the bodyshop. Your insurance company will coordinate a physical damage adjustor to inspect your vehicle, and the bodyshop will begin work once they receive approval from them.


We understand each situation is different, however, most insurance claims can be simplified if there is no injury or bodily harm. Please call us if you have further questions or if you choose us as your 'shop of choice'.

Bob's Bridge Collision Center is 'OpenShop" compliant, and accepts assignments through CCC1 portals.

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